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We come from all corners of the world, but the common goal bred the same ideal. The starting point is different but the destination is the same. At this moment, the young hearts are gathered together, united, ignored, cut through the wind and waves, and set sail bravely.

Strength and self-confidence is an indestructible team. Standing on the stand that everyone wants to challenge themselves, we use strength as a shield, self-confidence as a spear, and unity as courage to form a passion and fearless group. We will prove with our strength that we are the best, let us do it bravely.


Li Wenwu

General manager

Li Wenwu was appointed as the general manager of Fuye Electronics Co., Ltd. in August 2011. He is fully responsible for the formulation of the company's development strategy and the management of specific implementation plans. Li Wenwu once recognized Fu Ge's electronic engineering manager.

Li Wenwu and his colleagues co-founded Fuye Electronics Co., Ltd. as the head of the R&D department, and has now obtained more than ten national R&D patents.

Li Wenwu has accumulated mature experience in company planning, management and operation, and market development. Through the joint efforts of him and other colleagues of Fuye Electronics, Fuye Electronics is transforming from an obscure small business to the preferred partner of today’s customers.



Zhou Zhihua

technical director


Yang Ranfei

Engineering manager


Miao Shaolei

Quality manager


Li Fei

business manager

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